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GMod Party


GMod Party is a custom gamemode that offers a place to relax and have fun with your friends. You can hang out in the beautiful lobby, purchase all types of accessories from stores, play games in the casino, or battle other players in mini-games. All of this within the same server!

You queue up for mini-games in the center room of the lobby. A random mini-game is selected and all players are teleported to the desired place on the map. You earn coins and experience for killing opponents and most importantly you earn stars for winning the mini-game!

Everything you would expect



A large selection of custom minigames exists in this gamemode. Once queued you will be a part of a randomly selected minigame. Fight and win over your opponents to earn stars.


The economy consists of two currencies. You earn stars for winning a minigame, while on the other side you can earn coins for killing opponents or achieving awards in-game.

XP System

Experience is earned by doing various things in-game. You can earn XP by inning games, loosing games, buying suites, exchanging currencies and much more.

Accessories Store

You can find the accessories store on our F4 menu. Purchase models, hats, trails, taunts, masks & more! Some items are restricted to VIP and Gold Member only.


There are various suites for sale at the realtor NPC. Purchasing a suite is the perfect opportunity to hang out privately with your friends inside the lobby.


Everyone loves gambling, right? Therefor we have our own casino inside the lobby. The currency you are risking here is your coins, so bet at your own risk!

Currency Exchange

An NPC allows you to exchange stars to other currencies. Both within GMod Party, but also across servers. This allows for setting up a DarkRP server and exchaning stars to dollars.


You can find the highscores leader board in the lobby. The player with the most wins, kills, deaths, losses and games played are displayed on this board.

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